Guess what? All you need to do to get rid of lice is to physically remove them by combing them out!

When you visit the store you’ll see shelves full of products that claim to kill lice. And they do! But they don’t kill nits – and that’s why they don’t work. You see, nits are the lice eggs and as long as they’re on the head, they’re going to hatch and produce even more lice. That’s why physically combing them off the head is the ONLY way to kill nits and end an infestation!

And what can you use to comb them out? The WelComb®! The WelComb® is the best lice and nit removal comb on the market for a number of reasons. Watch the video below to find out why:

You can purchase the WelComb® on Amazon or at your local Dollar General in the Dollar General Lice and Nit Removal Kit with WelComb®. You can also click here for detailed wet combing instructions in English and Spanish.

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