Get Them
Outta There!

The only way to eliminate or prevent a lice and nit infestation is to physically remove them using the wet combing method. Why? Because it's the comb, not the chemicals, that gets rid of lice and nits.

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It's All About
the Comb.

No Fear. No Drama.
No Pesticides. No Gaps.

All You Need
and Nothing
You Don’t

You want those lice dead. Now. That’s why you need the WelComb® Lice & Nit Removal Comb. With rigid teeth just the right distance apart and a beveled edge that gets right down to the scalp, the WelComb® gets rid of lice and nits (eggs) once-and-for-all.

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WelComb lice and nit removal comb
No Fear

When you have the facts, you can let go of the fear. Take a deep breath. We'll get you through this.

No Drama

Don’t let urban legends about lice turn your home into chaos central. You don’t need to freak out. You just need a WelComb®.

No Pesticides

Truth is, it’s the comb that kills lice and nits, not the pesticides. No pesticides. Dead lice. Problem solved.