You’re used to delivering not-so-great news to parents when children are sent home with stomachaches, fevers or playground injuries. And while parents never like to get those calls, they seem to dread the news that their child has lice even more. The myths surrounding lice infestations have created unnecessary drama and stress for parents and children. And school healthcare professionals.

At WelComb, we want to help you be the voice of calm and guide parents toward a drama-free, fear-free, pesticide-free solution. With your guidance, parents can rid their families of lice, which will also help stop the spread of lice at your school.

WelComb is your one source of accurate information to share with parents and caregivers for complete lice infestation management.

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We hope this information helps make the dreaded lice phone call a little less stressful for parents, and for you, too. We welcome comments and suggestions at [email protected]