Got lice? Luckily, you don’t need any protective gear to get rid of lice and nits! The Dollar General Lice and Nit Removal Kit with WelComb® has all you need and nothing you don’t. It makes for fear-free, drama-free and pesticide-free lice removal!

Included in the kit is a WelComb®, a bottle of conditioner and a detangler comb. All of these components play a role in the wet combing method of lice and nit removal, which is all about physically removing lice and nits from the head.

To learn more about the wet combing method and the components of the kit, watch the video below:

Stop by your local Dollar General to pick up a Dollar General Lice & Nit Removal Kit with WelComb®. You can also click here for detailed wet combing instructions in English and Spanish.

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