The Kit

Let's start with what's not in the kit: a solution that claims to kill lice. No chemicals. No oils. Why not? Because after extensive research, WelComb has learned that it's the comb, not the chemicals, that consistently and effectively kill lice.

It's All About the Comb.

To get rid of lice, you need the right comb. Most of the combs on the market slip right past the .3mm-wide nits and eggs. With rigid teeth just the right distance apart and a beveled edge that gets right down to the scalp, the WelComb always gets its louse (and nits and eggs).

What's Included?

3 WelCombs

Physical removal is the safest way to eliminate lice. You just need some patience and the right tools. Most important is a WelComb, which gets down to the scalp, where lice and nits live, to get them out.

1 Detangler Comb

Combing with a wide-toothed comb helps evenly distribute the conditioner throughout the hair and remove any excess conditioner prior to removing lice.

1 WelComb Conditioner

Free of harsh chemicals and ineffective oils, the conditioner aids in the removal of lice and nits. It’s clear and smooth, helping you see the enemy while lubricating the hair for easier combing.

3 Comb Flossers

As lice are removed from the head, the comb flossers remove them from the WelComb, so you can keep the lice off the head (without having to touch them!).

1 Spray Water Bottle

Lice do not move when wet, which is why we’ve included a spray bottle. Simply fill with tap water, spray the conditioned hair and start combing.

What People Are Saying
No fear. No drama. No pesticides.