Lice Treatment Innovation Driven by Wet Combing

July 19, 2018Insights

A recent article from Drug Store News explored the current state of head lice and nit removal products. Natural solutions containing oils, heat treatments and the importance of educating parents were all discussed. While we agree that parents should be educated about lice and nits and myths should be debunked, there was an important point … Read More

Why Kids With Lice Should Be Allowed to Stay at School

July 18, 2017Insights

Can your kids go to school with lice? Source: Cafe Mom, May 2nd, 2017 Head lice is a huge issue for parents of school-age kids. Not only does it gross us out, but treating it is a total pain in the butt. In recent years, many schools have adopted no-nit policies that exclude kids from … Read More

Some of History’s Most Beautiful Combs Were Made for Lice Removal

July 18, 2017Insights

Source: Atlas Obscura, June 2016 Thirty years ago, Parasitologist Kostas Mumcuoglu and anthropologist Joseph Zias were examining a first-century hair comb excavated from the West Bank when they found a surprise lurking in its fine teeth: 10 head lice and 27 louse eggs. With their “interest in lice having been aroused,” they later wrote, they began to look more … Read More