WelComb® Lice & Nit Removal featured in Drug Store News

January 29, 2021News

WelComb® founder, Jay Smith, recently spoke with Drug Store News about what makes the WelComb® the best lice and nit removal comb on the market. Read the full Q&A below or click here to view the full feature as it appeared in the January 2021 issue.  Best known for supplying medical products to K-12 schools, … Read More

Coronavirus Lockdown Brings an Increase in Lice Cases

July 20, 2020News, Tips

According to Lice Clinics of America, there has been a 25% increase in lice activity from April to May in 2020, with some communities even seeing a 50% increase. Your first reaction to this finding is likely shock. If children are quarantined in their homes, where are they contracting lice? The answer is simple – … Read More

Visit WelComb® at NASN’s Virtual Conference

June 23, 2020News

We are looking forward to connecting with you virtually at this year’s National Association of School Nurses conference from June 30th to July 3rd! While we are disappointed that we can’t see you in person, we’re grateful that NASN found a way to bring the conference to all of you on a virtual platform. Visit WelComb® … Read More

Spreading the Love for WelComb®: Blogger Round-Up #3

October 18, 2019News

Just because the school year is well under way, it doesn’t mean lice have left us! Lice infestations will continue throughout the school year so it’s best to stay prepared and do routine checks with your WelComb®. And to help spread the word about how effective the WelComb® truly is, we’ve continued to work with … Read More

30Second Mom Awards WelComb® the “Loves This” Award

September 20, 2019News

WelComb® has some exciting news to share – we’ve recently been awarded 30Second Mom’s “Loves This” Award! After sharing the WelComb® and the wet combing method with the 30Seconds community, they instantly saw why it’s all about the comb. To show their appreciation for a product that is designed to help families, they honored WelComb® … Read More

Spreading the Love for WelComb® Lice Removal: Blogger Round-Up #2

September 18, 2019News

Sometimes back to school means back to lice. That’s why we worked with more bloggers this month to help spread the word about how effective the wet combing method for lice removal truly is! In case you missed it, below are the blogs that have recently featured WelComb®: 30Second Mom – The Best Way to … Read More

Spreading the Love for WelComb® & the Wet Combing Method: Blogger Round-Up #1

August 15, 2019News

The excitement for WelComb® continues to grow as parents and school nurses experience how effective the wet combing method truly is! So much so that bloggers across the country are helping us achieve our mission of making lice removal fear-free, drama-free and pesticide-free by writing about WelComb® and the wet combing method. In case you … Read More

New Study Links Head Lice Treatments to Abnormal Behavior in Children

July 18, 2017News

Source: Yahoo! Beauty, March 2017 A disturbing new study has linked a common chemical found in head lice treatments to behavioral difficulties in children. The research, which was published in the journal Occupational & Environmental Medicine, found that children who had higher levels of certain pyrethroids — which are synthetic chemicals used in insecticides like head lice treatments … Read More