WelComb® has some exciting news to share – we’ve recently been awarded 30Second Mom’s “Loves This” Award! After sharing the WelComb® and the wet combing method with the 30Seconds community, they instantly saw why it’s all about the comb. To show their appreciation for a product that is designed to help families, they honored WelComb® with this award and are helping us spread the word to parents across the country.

Here’s the 30Second Mom WelComb® review:

“The heat from a hair dryer, coating the hair with vinegar and even holding a child’s hair underwater to drown the lice are other dubious “treatments” parents will read about (seriously!), and many moms and dads turn to lice removal shampoo, which is basically just pesticides. But the fact is, there is no pesticide or natural solution that kills nits, which are the lice eggs. None. The only way to ensure that the nits don’t hatch is to remove them from the hair – and it’s all about the comb. So, parents, stop Googling and read on to learn why 30Seconds loves the WelComb® and why it earned a 30Seconds Loves This award!

You can also read a product review and the script from our Twitter chat with the 30Seconds community.

Thank you 30Second Mom for this recognition! We’re proud to have your support as we take the fear, drama and pesticides out of lice removal.

Don’t forget, you can purchase the WelComb® on Amazon or at your local Dollar General in the Dollar General Lice and Nit Removal Kit with WelComb®. If you have a WelComb® review, contact us here!

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